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The White Serpent: Avocado's Fanfiction Journal

Shouri wa atashi no tame ni aru.

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I normally post under the name Avocado. My primary online fandoms are Slayers (anime) and Harry Potter (generally, anything to do with Snape). The journal is named for Naga, the White Serpent, a Slayers character I've always liked-- even if her sole purpose is comic relief.

The primary purpose of this journal is to track other writers. If you are a professional writer and I've read your books and enjoyed them and/or I find your blog entertaining, I will friend you. If you are a fan writer and you wrote something I really like in one of the fandoms I read, I will friend you.

Feel free to friend me back, but I don't mind if you don't. (My friending policy.)

My fannish interest goes in waves, and I'm not particularly active at the moment. I tend not to post much here anymore; I post a little more frequently on my JournalFen account, but not much.

This journal has some old book reviews (check the memories) and some of my fanfiction (ditto). I'm not sure when I'll get back to working on either; I'm fairly busy offline.

My fanfiction is restricted to the Slayers anime and to Harry Potter (with the latter, Rowling has said she's flattered people like her characters enough to write fanfiction about them but wants adult content kept away from kids). As a general policy, I don't write fanfiction in media fandoms where the creators are opposed to it, and won't write in book based fandoms at all if the creator hasn't explicitly welcomed it.

Note: I used to allow anon comments with screening (essentially, to get rid of spam). Unfortunately, all the anon comments I've been receiving in the past few months are spambots, and I'm getting tired of monitoring and deleting them. If I hear LJ has these under better control, I'll go back to allowing anon comments.